Why WordPress?

I’m not a web designer, but I’ve taught myself HTML, I’m jumping into CSS, and I know my way around Adobe Creative Suite. I’ve built customized sites in Blogger and Squarespace, maintained and updated WordPress sites, and designed and coded HTML newsletters and e-mails.

While I’m not a designer, I think it’s valuable to understand HTML, CSS, and design principles. For me, I want to understand the code and manipulate it. I love to know that I can develop something that really represents me. I want to be able to make my site look how I imagine it.

So why WordPress?

For some time, I’ve considered using tumblr to build a site. It’s simple, you can do quite a lot with it, and I want to explore its possibilities much more than the poor tests I’ve done.

But when I looked closer at tumblr for this project, I couldn’t find the features I was looking for. I wanted a platform that I could use for all my website needs: home page, various secondary static pages, blog, and deep layout control. I wasn’t confident I’d have that control with tumblr, and I wasn’t keen to spend a lot of time learning how the platform works.

I still have an idea for a tumblr blog, and maybe I’ll get to it some day!

Squarespace offers most of what I wanted. Good control over the design. Lots of options. Pretty easy to use. I built a store with it for annie aime. But I still find it limited, parts of the user interface bother me, and maybe most importantly I wasn’t quite willing to pay for it.

I took a quick look at Visual CV and another online CV platform, and I might use one to host my basic résumé, but for free professional profiles or landing pages, they don’t offer much.

There are tons of options out there, but I didn’t want to spend more time researching. I knew there was a platform that would offer everything I want for free—though maybe with more work. That’s WordPress. I’ve worked with it for six years. Last year I defended and recovered from a serious hack on a WordPress site I manage. We’ve got a thing. Plus, with countless blogs and websites running on WordPress, it’s good to get to know it better.

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