Welcome to AdamGorley.com…

…my first attempt to build a website since high school!

(Not including my former blog, The New Dilettantes, on extended hiatus.)

AdamGorley.com is a personal and professional project motivated by a school project. I’ve wanted to create a more comprehensive space on the web for many years, but I never made the time to do it. The class I’m taking, Foundations of Digital Marketing Management (U of T), provided the push.

The second project in the course is to establish a social résumé or blog. I’ve chosen the social CV because I think it’s time I hung out a shingle of my own design. But I’m going to try to use a blog as well to document the process of building the site.

That means I’ll blog my rationale and actions WRT everything from WordPress customization and plugins, HTML and CSS to layout, design, copy, and whatever else I have to deal with.

Please feel free comment—or offer advice! I’m mostly self-taught and while I’m good at finding answers, I appreciate talking with people who know what they’re talking about!

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