I've spent over a decade copywriting, editing, blogging, and researching, plus content management, web admin, and design.

Turns out these are great digital marketing skills, and the past few years I've rounded them out with social media, e-mail, newsletters, SEO, analytics, content strategy, keyword planning, infographics, campaign testing, and more.

Now I'm formalizing everything at the University of Toronto, studying toward a certificate in digital marketing.



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Find my latest professional projects on my LinkedIn profile, like live-tweeting the 16th annual First Reference Ontario Employment Law Conference.

Peek at a few of my favourite portfolio pieces.


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I contribute articles on employment law, accessibility, human resources, privacy, and other business issues to First Reference Talks and Inside Internal Controls.
I write about marketing and technology on BlogCampaigning.
My current blog is right here at adamgorley.com/blog.
You can even find a couple of my old short stories on Wattpad.


I used
to think

"Old" marketing, that is. I find "new" marketing fascinating, because the ways businesses and brands reach customers online, are the same ways people communicate daily.

In digital marketing, I've found a field that connects my broad interests, from culture, sci-fi, and technology, to music, philosophy, and art/design, and learning, learning, learning.

Does that sound weird?

To me it just means I'm forward-thinking, analytical, and creative.

Let's talk! hello@adamgorley.com | 647 830 6326